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  • Below is the numbered image that have been created from the large version of the image in 1970: Name Dominoes so it can be used in the explanation of each of the tiles.

Numbered image[edit]

  • For a version that fits to the screen
  • The numbering has been done as well as possible from left to right top to bottom, taking approximately two rows of domino pieces for each swipe across the picture.
    • Thus if a piece is fully or partly located inside the current swipe, then it will be numbered this time. If it is below it will be numbered in the next swipe.
    • If a piece extends above the current swipe, then it should have been numbered during the previous swipe.
      • There have been several times the rules have been broken, but the further down the picture the more strict the rule have been followed.
    • There is thus no consideration of which name dominoes belong to which during this numbering phase.
  • As the font for the numbers have been chosen so big that it would be easy to see the them, it became difficult to fit three numbers in, and there are 270 tiles.
    • To make this fitting easier, the hundred number, 1 and 2 from 101-199 and 201-270 has been written in a much smaller font.
      • To make it easy to see which number it is, those from 1-100 is written in red, those from 101-200 is written in blue and those from 201-270 is written in green font.
      • For 100 and 200 the hundred cipher has been written in the large font, to make it clear where the change happens.
  • There is very likely errors, either a number that is missing/used twice or a tile that is not numbered. But I have tried to be carefull and read it through.
    • But if you find an error then write to me and I will try to see if I can fix it --Kynde (talk) 11:57, 22 March 2018 (UTC)

Full image[edit]

1970- Name Dominoes - The large image with numbers.jpg