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Your Mom
'It's either 'your mom' jokes or me' 'Then I, like so many men before me, must reluctantly choose your mom.'
Title text: 'It's either 'your mom' jokes or me' 'Then I, like so many men before me, must reluctantly choose your mom.'


"Your mom" jokes could be considered an example of fraternity humor, and are seen by most adults as being a sign of immaturity, especially when overused. They generally involve the speaker making indelicate references to the mother of the person to whom he is speaking. They are a distinct variation from the more traditional "yo momma" jokes (as in, "yo mamma is so fat..." or "yo mamma is so stupid..."), which are merely insulting.

"That's what she said" is a supposedly funny retort to an innocent looking statement, the intent being to recast it in a sexual light. It gained its most recent surge of popularity as Michael Scott's catchphrase on the television series The Office. xkcd contains only failed attempts at "that's what she said" jokes, such as 436: How it Happened. The phrase is a simplified version of the older, British expression "...said the actress to the bishop".

We enter in the middle of a conversation between Cueball and Megan about the status of their relationship. Megan has apparently just said that Cueball turns every conversation into a "your mom" joke and it's becoming unbearable. Cueball, somewhat self-destructively, immediately turns that sentence into a "your mom" joke.

When Megan makes it clear that she has had enough and that she is leaving, Cueball, in a heroic effort to make things even worse, can only respond with the "that's what she said" joke. Megan agrees with Cueball that it is exactly what she (Megan) said, and is obviously about to depart his life forever.

The title text stretches the joke further, Cueball suggesting that many men have been with her mother, but perhaps as a last resort or under duress. This is, if possible, even more offensive than his previous efforts.


Cueball: Well, your mom turns every conversation into a "your mom" joke and it's becoming unbearable.
Megan: I'm serious; I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving.
Cueball: ...That's what she said!
Megan: Yes. Yes, it is.


For examples of "your mom" jokes, see Category:Your Mom.

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I think the title text doesn't say that Megan has been rejected by men in the past, but just a general "like many before me" justification of his decision. 22:08, 21 April 2014 (UTC)

The title text says that Megan's mum (f'ck y'all who cannae spell) has been used (not rejected, though only "reluctantly" on the mens' part - the implication being that the mother is easy but not generally considered attractive) by many men. It doesn't "justify his decision" - its another "your mom" joke about the number of men with which Megan's mother has had intimate relations, which Cueball feels compelled to add, compounding the likely destructive impact on his foundering relationship with Megan.

Not sure that "that's what she said' is Megan referring to herself in the third person - it seems more likely she's referring to her mother, with whom she (Megan) has presumably discussed her (Megan's) frustration with Cueball's apparent inability to stop making "your mom' jokes. (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

I agree. Both "mom" and "she" are underlined. It seems to suggest that Megan and her mother both think Megan should leave. -- Flewk (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

Your mom is a recursive link. No really, the text "Your Mom" on this page links back to this page. 11:47, 20 August 2017 (UTC)