600: Android Boyfriend

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Android Boyfriend
Which is, coincidentally, the most unsettling mantlepiece decoration in my house.
Title text: Which is, coincidentally, the most unsettling mantlepiece decoration in my house.


This is the second (and last) comic in the Android series, referring directly back to 595: Android Girlfriend, where Cueball showed that he had an android girlfriend Megan. So now Ponytail has decided she would also like to have an android boyfriend (Hairy). But upon bringing these two androids together, they fall for each other and decide to have "sex" on the spot, resulting in several mechanical sounds off-panel while their "owners" watch on with disgusted interest.

Vibrators and Fleshlights are sex toys that represent male and female genitalia, respectively. Ponytail's flat description indicates that she is not particularly aroused by what amounts to a pair of animatronic sex toys rubbing against each other. Randall's title text claims that he has actually done such a thing, and stuck it on his fireplace mantle for all his house-guests to see. He admits though that it is the most unsettling mantlepiece decoration in my house. References to fleshlights is a recurring theme in xkcd.


[Ponytail enters from the right dragging Hairy along by his hand, as she moves towards Cueball who stands with Megan in his hand.]
Ponytail: I thought your android girlfriend was cool so I got myself an android boyfriend.
[Suddenly the Megan android runs into the arms of the Hairy android, while Ponytail has let go of his hand. Ponytails head swirls around to follow her run by.]
Ponytail: He's really great. I like how—
Ponytail: Uh.
[Cueball and Ponytail look towards the two androids, but they are now outside this frame-less panel.]
Off-panel sound: *Zip*
Off-panel voice: Mmmmm
[Cueball and Ponytail still look at the scene off panel.]
Cueball: ...Huh.
Ponytail: It's like somebody stuck a vibrator in a fleshlight.
Off-panel sound: Whirrr
Off-panel voice: Mmmm
Off-panel sound: Click


This is the comic six years before 1541: Voice, in which Ponytail stated that she could only control her voice once every six years.

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So, DgBrt, you have any intention on explaining why "Data from STNG" is in any way relevant to the Incomplete tag? In fact, you have any intention on explaining what "Data from STNG" actually IS?!?! 09:25, 1 March 2014 (UTC)

I think he was referring to this guy.-- 18:06, 10 November 2014 (UTC)
Archer reference

Is this comic a reference to Archer's "Skin Game" episode ? (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)