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Good Question is a more-or-less monthly column written by Randall Munroe in the Science section of the New York Times, beginning in November 2019. The columns give serious answers to science questions, illustrated in Munroe's inimitable style.

Ambox notice.png The New York Times website ordinarily requires registration, and its content is always protected by copyright. Most particularly it is not under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License the way xkcd is. The good news: anyone can register for a free digital subscription to the New York Times, with access to 'recent' science articles among some others, but outside of that only five articles per month. See Free Articles.

Unlike for many of their other regular columnists, the New York Times does not provide a clickable link either on the byline Randall Munroe or on the column title Good Question (though there is an unlinked page that offers an incomplete list of Good Question articles). The following tables are intended to correct that omission.


New York Times columns written and illustrated by Randall Munroe
Column Headline Byline Date
Good Question How Long Is the Drive to the Edge of the Universe? Randall Munroe September 12, 2022
Good Question Shark or Orca: Which Should You Fear More? Randall Munroe August 15, 2022
Good Question How Many Languages Could a Child Speak? Randall Munroe June 14, 2022
Good Question Where Does a Candle Go When It Burns? Randall Munroe April 26, 2021
Good Question Will My Popcorn Explode? Randall Munroe December 29, 2020
Good Question What Makes Sand Soft? Randall Munroe November 9, 2020
Good Question Can You Stop a Car With Your Hand? Randall Munroe October 6, 2020
Good Question How Hot Is Too Hot? Randall Munroe August 4, 2020
Good Question Could You Make a Snowball of Neutrinos? Randall Munroe July 7, 2020
Good Question Can You Boil an Egg Too Long? Randall Munroe June 9, 2020
Good Question What’s the Sweetest, Crispiest Way to Stay Safe in a Car Crash? Randall Munroe May 11, 2020
Good Question How’s the View From a Spinning Star? Randall Munroe April 7, 2020
Good Question What if Galileo Had Dropped Bobsleds From the Tower of Pisa? Randall Munroe March 10, 2020
Good Question What’s the World’s Worst Smell? Randall Munroe Feb. 17, 2020 / Feb. 26, 2020
Good Question How Fast Can a Human Run? Randall Munroe Jan. 21, 2020 / Feb. 7, 2020
Good Question Is Earth Getting Bigger Over Time? Randall Munroe Dec. 10, 2019
Good Question If I Touched the Moon, What Would It Feel Like? Randall Munroe Nov. 12, 2019
Science What Makes a Red Sky at Night (and at Morning) Randall Munroe Aug. 13, 2019


New York Times columns about Randall Munroe
Column Headline Byline Date
Books Randall Munroe Loves Outdated Views of the Future -- Nov. 14, 2019
Science Randall Munroe of ‘XKCD’ Explains the Human Body, Elevators and the Saturn 5 (Actual pages from Thing Explainer) March 21, 2016
Science Randall Munroe, XKCD Creator, Goes Back to High School Kenneth Chang March 21, 2016
Books Randall Munroe Explains It All for Us Alexandra Alter Nov. 23, 2015
Science He’s Glad You Asked Kenneth Chang Nov. 3, 2014
Books Tech’s Favorite Cartoonist Enters Mainstream Publishing Noam Cohen March 14, 2014
Link by Link This Is Funny Only if You Know Unix Noam Cohen May 26, 2008

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