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Ambox notice.png I will be busy with end of year tests/projects and will be travelling in the summer, please be advised that I will be mostly inactive until July or August.

Hi! If you see this, you have reached my user page! I live in California, love reading, and started reading Randall’s works (What If?, Thing Explainer, XKCD) in 2018. I use She/Her and They/Them pronouns. And yes, I’m using Charlie Spring’s from Heartstopper name as an alias (I’m definitely not leaking my real name onto the Internet). I started editing on Feb. 1, 2024. I've done 576 changes across 276 pages, bringing to a total of 311 points. My goals for this wiki? I want to fix all the [citation needed] grammatical mistakes, putting punctuation BEFORE the citation.

My loves:
•Hatsune Miku 🥰
•Classical music-Beethoven
•Reading (seriously. I will read any book you give me. I will read the ingredients off the back of a mustard bottle for fun. I read an entire scientific encyclopaedia during the lockdown.)
•Pokémon cards (I have a pretty solid portfolio/collection)
•Bluey (yes, I enjoy watching a preschool show. sue me.) •Draco Malfoy •Sciences •Maths

List of celebrations:
•yayyyyy only 3 months on the wiki and already 43rd place in overall editing for the entire history of this wiki! also, first admin beat in edit count! more edits to come! (5/14/2024)
•42nd place-the answer to life, the universe and everything else (5/16/2024)

To do list:
•learn to use the goddamned preview button
•fix the grammatical placement of punctuation before using [citation needed]
•get a life