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hello! i don't have account. just kidding, i have account.

i'm 22 and i'm spanish.

i like playing games, reading, music, astronomy and programming.

comics i like:



-something positive

-oglaf (nsfw)

also enjoy cycling and chemistry

games i recommend:


-minetest (in case you don't like the fact microsoft bought minecraft but you like the blocky minecraft-like game genre)

-kerbal space program (nononono *don't* buy the sequel, it sucks, buy the original one)

-kingdom of loathing

-doom (of course!)

more fun stuff at my talk page


this part is dedicated to my now defunct best friend.

it was a summer day. we were in india on vacation. the town we were in flooded. i survived... but sally didn't. she was found the next day. but it was too late: she had drowned. she was the first friend i ever had irl.

i miss her.

a lot.

if only forgetting were as easy as typing "del filename" or something like that...

nothing ever lasts forever.

it's going to be okay.