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so this is my talk page...

actual talk here[edit]

no need to explain this one haha

because everyone likes when someone does witty stuff :)[edit]

note: all content was obtained from the irc i have with my friends

notsvchost: what's up?

userwithnoaccount: up is spaaaaaaace!

actualdaniel: and clouds and planes and cueball saying that python is great

idontusedos: who wants to review my code?

actualdaniel: ask notsvchost

notsvchost: ask userwithnoaccount

userwithnoaccount: ask actualdaniel

actualdaniel: can someone help me setup emacs?

idontusedos: type m-x butterfly in the editor!

notsvchost: f1rst p0st

userwithnoaccount: if there's java script there should also be sumatra script and sulawesi script (props for awful pun on javascript)