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Hello World! I noticed some people seem to have user pages, so thought I may as well create one.

My name is Angel. Yes, that's my real name. I'm an autistic hiker, antisocial roleplayer, depressive troper, wannabe artist, artistic hypnotist, ace kinkster, and three struggling authors. I really wanted to pothole all those words, but currently don't have enough inspiration. I never quite got over the loss of Google Plus; and these days an occasional comment on a couple of wikis is about the only interaction I get with other people.

I used to occasionally buy ads on the site before I actually contributed, both for my books and for occasional meta humour. I miss Project Wonderful so much (One site I was on would periodically have image memes show up in the ad space to promote wikipedia pages as varied as Electrical disruptions caused by squirrels and List of lists of lists. It was funny. Honest.)