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Megan sitting.png Hola. I'm Mike, also known under the alias of "Omega". I'm a Computer Science student from around Canada (eh?). I enjoy xkcd, and was glad to see the conversion to a wiki.

Wikipedia is pretty much my brain extension, so I've long since been familiar with the formatting and functionality of Mediawiki. My Wikipedia account is Hofmic, which is also the account I used on the RuneScape wiki (inactive) and the Glest wiki. I'm also the board administrator at the Glest Boards (which is a free and open source RTS, if you're wondering). I've made several thousand edits to various wikis, as well as have experience with AutoWikiBrowser, so feel free to hit me up when assistance is needed.

Besides wiki-related skills, I'm very talented with web design, having many years of (self taught) experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. Some would say that web design isn't really programming, but I would beg to differ (although I can't deny it's far easier than c++). At the moment, my c++ skills are rudimentary, at best, but that will improve over the next four years or so of classes (ah, the life of a student). I hope to one day work in the game development business.

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