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See Special:TrackingCategories. Use this page sparingly, as it contains some expensive function calls that may be a burden on the server.

Tracking category Count Message name Category inclusion criteria
Indexed pages 0 index-category The page has a __INDEX__ on it (and is in a namespace where that flag is allowed), and hence is indexed by robots where it normally wouldn't be.
Noindexed pages 5 noindex-category The page is not indexed by robots because it has the magic word __NOINDEX__ on it and is in a namespace where that flag is allowed.
Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls 1 duplicate-args-category The page contains template calls that use duplicates of arguments, such as {{foo|bar=1|bar=2}} or {{foo|bar|1=baz}}.
Pages with too many expensive parser function calls 0 expensive-parserfunction-category The page uses too many expensive parser functions (like #ifexist). See Manual:$wgExpensiveParserFunctionLimit.
Pages containing omitted template arguments 0 post-expand-template-argument-category The page is bigger than $wgMaxArticleSize after expanding a template argument (something in triple braces, like {{{Foo}}}).
Pages where template include size is exceeded 1 post-expand-template-inclusion-category The page size is bigger than $wgMaxArticleSize after expanding all the templates, so some templates were not expanded.
Hidden categories 0 hidden-category-category The category contains __HIDDENCAT__ in its page content, which prevents it from showing up in the category links box on pages by default.
Pages with broken file links 9 broken-file-category The page contains a broken file link (a link to embed a file when the file does not exist).
Pages where node count is exceeded 0 node-count-exceeded-category The page exceeds the maximum node count.
Pages where expansion depth is exceeded 0 expansion-depth-exceeded-category The page exceeds the maximum expansion depth.
Pages with ignored display titles 1 restricted-displaytitle-ignored The page has an ignored {{DISPLAYTITLE}} because it is not equivalent to the page's actual title.
Pages using invalid self-closed HTML tags 0 deprecated-self-close-category The page contains invalid self-closed HTML tags, such as <b/> or <span/>. The behavior of these will change soon to be consistent with the HTML5 specification, so their use in wikitext is deprecated.
Pages with template loops 0 template-loop-category The page contains a template loop, ie. a template which calls itself recursively.
Pages with reference errors 0 cite-tracking-category-cite-error Pages in this category have errors in the usage of references tags.
Pages with math errors 0 math-tracking-category-error Pages in this category have errors in the usage of math tags.
Pages with math render errors 3 math-tracking-category-render-error Pages in this category have rendering errors in the math tags.