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Hi! I am a nerd who likes minecraft and bowties and top hats

Hi Helpimstuckinahole smith, I just reverted some of your edits. You may have accidentaly or on purpose vandalized some pages. I assume you got a browser extension(e.g. this one: 1031: s//leopard/) that comically replaces words by other words. While this is doing no harm when viewing pages, it can lead to you actually changing the content of the pages when in editing mode: edit 1 I reversed, edit 2 I reversed, edit 3 I reversed --Lupo (talk) 07:46, 23 February 2021 (UTC)

ok i am sorry i did this. i did notice this happened to the page "the cloud" all instances of the cloud were replacewith my butt Helpimstuckinahole smith (talk)!