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The red link is annoying. Anyway, thanks for visiting my talk page. As a reward, here's a fun story: I joined this wiki in May of 2015 wanting to participate in the merge Cueball/Rob discussion. In my very first contribution, I wrote my thoughts on the matter. And I also accidentally vandalized something someone else had written. You see, back then, I had a rather fun Chrome extension that would change the word "cloud" to the word "butt". This is quite funny when you're reading about the weather, for instance, but as it turns out, it also changes the word in forms, such as wiki editing forms. So, in my first ever contribution, I accidentally and unwittingly committed an act of vandalism. Amazingly, this went unnoticed for over 3 years... up until just now. Looking back at my oldest contributions, I noticed it. I quickly corrected it. Though probably ultimately pointless, since that discussion is long over, I feel a sense of immense satisfaction and pride for fixing my accidental vandalism after all these years. Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this silly little story.
--Sensorfire (talk) 05:50, 15 August 2018 (UTC)