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There are 10 incomplete comic explanations on this wiki. We want to have a complete repository of explanations for every comic. Most new comics receive high-quality pages, due to our high standards and the attention that new comics usually attract. Old incomplete pages, and newer large or complicated pages tend to be fixed at a much lower rate though, as they don't attract enough attention. This project aims to solve that. Upon completion of an Incomplete Explanation of the Day article, a new page will be featured in our site header until we clear out our entire backlog of unfinished articles. For the full list of our incomplete articles, visit Category:Incomplete explanations.

The current incomplete explanation is 1731: Wrong.

Remember; every little bit counts. Even if all you can do is add a sentence or fix a typo, that's still another step taken towards finishing the article.


  1. Finish every incomplete explanation.
  2. Fully document the large comics.
  3. Do a final proofread pass through every article. Copy list of all comics here and make it into a checklist.

Things we can do after this is finished

  1. Translation.
  2. Removing the incomplete pages counter on the main page.
  3. Binge-read our explanations and not run into any stubs.