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First appearance Long Long Ago
Known appearances eπi
Contribution score 287
Pages edited 243
Changes made 730
Time On Wiki Im not sure Days
Status (Probably) Offline


Alert! This user is inactive on explainxkcd. They still exist, and still will sometimes make changes, but only check once a month or so

About Me

I like xkcd[citation needed]
Im decent at css(opinion)(but not good at designing obviously because I still like comic sans)
Dont let me near your computer; I have worse computer problems than Randall

I will format your page for you (because I have nothing better to do) just ask
I do front end web development

My favorite comics

The stargazing series

1337 Series

The Secretary Series

The Journal Series

wow i guess i rly like series

Comics not in series

What I help with/What I have helped with

  • I fix grammar problems
  • I help with transcript
  • Adding Content To Red links (Sometimes)
  • I open 6 wikipedia pages to add one line in the explanation

Templates That Relate To Xkcd Comics:

  • Template: Turtle

"I am a turtle"

-The Turtle
  • Template: Dyslexics


My Current Signature