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The 𝗦𝗾𝗿𝘁-𝟭 talk stalk 03:41, 15 December 2020 (UTC)

Arab Soyjak and other site vandalism

((Copied away from a comic discussion page. Left the original there, but it was really drifting off topic to add my own rambling comments after it. As you actually have a working Talk page, I thought I might make use of it! - Regards, the IP that is the initial responder below...)) is repeatedly changing the comic title to "Arab Soyjak" and the image to a picture of Osama bin Laden, and being awfully rude in the edit summaries; also has a history of vandalism along with various associated IP addresses - however also having made actual contributions to the wiki, etc etc, I haven't checked other IP addresses that are associated; 416: Zealous Autoconfig is one of the pages that are currently vandalised </ramble> bubblegum-talk|contribs 02:56, 22 May 2022 (UTC)

IP (as currently registered¹) is not very useful. I can post two things within as many minutes and be noted (as a lazy 'not got an account yet' person) by different IPs, sometimes way off (though often within an /16 subnet, if not /24). Though expectations are that the possible ranges are then at least geographic (so that only those routed via the same 'nearest hub' can land on the exact same IP ad used previously by others), I have no idea how sparse or dense the hub-locales are (whole of the UK through London? London+Birmingham+Cardiff+Glasgow (e.g.) and NI either Belfast or served by Dublin? We ultimatey share a gateway with most of Northern Europe?) and how much overlap there is (chances of being load-shared via <next nearest hub, or further>) in a dynamic fashion.
¹ - noting that someone mentioned a thing to do to avoid the hiding behind the bog-standard intemediary gateway's limited range of semi-random IPs. It was a few weeks before Davidy22 returned, though, and it might even not be their level of access that makes it possible, so unsure if it was seen and left undone or whether the suggestion needs to be rediscovered...
As it is, I'd ignore the Contribs list. The vandalism itself tends to make itself obvious by the theme of its content. I know I saw some residual vandalism earlier today (after you put this) which I reverted, plus saw others had done in some other instances. With a couple of (comparitively) subtle defacements, people alert to the "crap" stuff might have missed them, but I'm fairly sure I personally caught the Zealous Autoconfig (and another example that seemed to have the same modus operandi to it. Will check when I've finished here, in case something else flew under the radar.
(I was personally busy, yesterday, and had a nice long walk up into some moorland where there's variable mobile coverage and, besides, I wasn't going to sit down and check in on things... For one thing, it's difficult unless you can shade out the sky and see the tablet screen, and there weren't enough trees to provide a canopy! ;) Anyway, so some of the things I tend to check for may have not been seen by others who have their own way of suppressing the various onslaughts. I know there are plenty of others, but though I'm fairly sure they weren't up and about on the very same lonely and peaceful moorland as me, I can't say they weren't similarly distracted. :P )
Anyway, the one advantage of a username is that one can recognise a long-standing contributor of good repute. That's you. Of course you can't really be sure who I am, and that's I price I pay just so I don't have to try to remember yet another login credential. Or (like the bad guys who bother to go that far) create new accounts whenever I get locked out of the prior one due to some oversight. For me, the balance is calculated around how much good I want to do (rather than how much meddling I might want to do),
Hopefully you realise that someone who decided to write as much as me isn't that kind of fly-by-night, though! 16:25, 22 May 2022 (UTC)