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Welcome, BoN!

xkcd fan. That's about it really.

Now to be found at C418 wiki.


...so you want to know things about me...

  • I live in India.
  • I can speak Hindi and English very clearly and a little bit of German.
  • I have used Indian English (which is a weird mixture of British and American English) for the entirety of my academic and professional life, so sorry for the annoyance caused.
  • I found xkcd through the news talking about his comics...
  • I have the SIWOTI syndrome...
  • I hate red links...

Best Comics[edit]

Stuff I have done on this wiki[edit]

Since I am horrible at actually explaining xkcd, I do other stuff, like cleanup, or adding new stuff to irritate the residents of this wiki.

  • Template: crickets
  • Template: Quote
This is a quote
—Me, Source
  • Template: rw

For conspiracy theories

  • Template: link
Enables a bit more rigidity in links.
  • Template: troll

Troll.png Template:troll


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Stuff I have ACTUALLY contributed to this wiki[edit]