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Indie Games

What indie video games do you like? I enjoy Cult of the Lamb, personally. (talk) 17:52, 13 May 2024 (UTC)

I like Terraria, Hades, and basically anything made by Landfall Studios (Rounds, Stick Fight, Content Warning) Psychoticpotato (talk) 21:10, 13 May 2024 (UTC)
Oh, and Risk of Rain. I LOVE Risk of Rain, holy shit. Psychoticpotato (talk) 00:29, 14 May 2024 (UTC)
ooh, nice. (talk) 22:39, 22 May 2024 (UTC)
I just got ROR2 w/ the Survivors of the Void DLC. It's awesome. Psychoticpotato (talk) 12:38, 23 May 2024 (UTC)

Presumedly misclicks..?

Just wondering about the following:

N 03:33 	User:Yorkshire Pudding‎ (diff | hist) . . (+16)‎ . . Psychoticpotato (talk | contribs) (Created page with "insert text here")
N    03:32 	User:PRR‎ (diff | hist) . . (+16)‎ . . Psychoticpotato (talk | contribs) (Created page with "insert text here")
N    03:32 	User:RIIW - Ponder it‎ (diff | hist) . . (+16)‎ . . Psychoticpotato (talk | contribs) (Created page with "insert text here")

If you meant to do these, you maybe should have done the "Welcome text". But these are long-standing contributors (joined 2015, 2019 and 2023, I think, though not in that order) who could probably have created their pages if they wanted them. If you wanted to tell them something (which you haven't tried to), then you maybe could have created their User Talk pages.
As it is, I think you accidentally followed 'red links' in signatures from a certain explanation page's Talk area. Three times. Allowing the pages to save (I'm presuming it needs additional clicks here, as it does elsewhere). And you already knew you could create User pages, and what to do with them...

N 16:52, 13 May 2024 (diff | hist) . . (+293)‎ . . N User:Psychoticpotato ‎ (Created page with "Oh my. You found my page. Cool! I'm a huge nerd who likes indie games, music, doing voice impressions, and reading books. Beret Guy and Black Hat are tied for the posi...") perhaps you need to be a bit more careful? Not an obvious problem, probably, but seems to be totally unasked-for. Speaking as an impartial observer, and not knowing what those you interceded on behalf of might opine about the issue (who could be praising or cursing you, as soon as they find out, or anything inbetween). 09:25, 26 May 2024 (UTC)

I had just noticed they didn't have a user page and quick-slapped some filler in there. I also didn't notice they'd been editing that long, lol. Psychoticpotato (talk) 12:40, 28 May 2024 (UTC)

Editing reasons.

Most of these changes aren't even grammatical improvements. And the link that was to the article for new year gets changed to a different link for New Year's, which I'm not sure you wanted to do; if there hadn't been so many other maybe-ok changes, I'd have reverted it or made it say one but link to the other. But letting you work out whether you want to revisit it yourself... 19:32, 30 May 2024 (UTC)