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And now I might never get to again.
Title text: And now I might never get to again.


This comic relates to the situation of getting introduced to the parents of one's girlfriend, which is often felt to be rather awkward. The parents tend to scrutinize and question the aspirant in order to find out if he is a good catch. A particularly delicate issue is the fact that the suitor may have had sexual intercourse with their daughter. This topic is almost never openly addressed, but can sometimes be felt in the subtext of the conversation. This makes the scenario somewhat susceptible to a so-called Freudian slip. The term describes a common psychological phenomenon where a subconscious thought bursts through and induces, for example, a slip of the tongue.

In the comic, Cueball tries to repress any thoughts of sexual nature while talking to her parents Blondie and Blondie's Cueball-like man. He promptly utters the sentence "I have licked your daughter's nipples." and thus involuntarily addresses the topic he tried to avoid.

The title text suggests that either the parents do not want their daughter to meet him again, or that the girlfriend interdicts his licking her nipples again because of the embarrassing scene.

From xkcd: volume 0:

If I thought it was awkward before I made a comic about it...


[Cueball talking with his girlfriend's parents represented by Blondie, holding a hand up in greeting and a larger version of Cueball. Above them there is a caption:]
When meeting a girlfriend's family, I have to suppress the weirdest thoughts.
Cueball: Hi!
Blondie: Hi! It's so nice to finally meet you!
Cueball: I have licked your daughter's nipples.

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