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First appearance 59: Graduation
Known appearances 49

Blondie is a stick figure character in xkcd. She is distinguished by her long blonde hair. Like most other xkcd characters, she does not necessarily represent the same character from comic to comic.


Blondie is a minor character in xkcd, but has had several appearances without ever being named in general.

The reason she is finally recognized as a "news" character was that with 1699: Local News she had been used three time in less than 100 comics as a news anchor, and by the time she was named she had appeared as a news anchor 6 times. It turned out that she is by far the most used character for presenting news reports compared to how much she is generally used, even beating Cueball at this time with him only having been anchor man five times. After this was realized there was a community portal discussion regarding this character and no one objected to the name Blondie with the other three as sub characters under her name. (In May 2020 she overtook Cueball again with 9 vs 8 news anchor appearances with 2304: Preprint).

One of the reasons it took so long for her to be named is probably because there are already three minor characters who have the same appearance as Blondie, and are thus subcategories of her, just like Rob is for Cueball. Those three are the teacher Miss Lenhart, the hacker Mrs. Roberts and the adult version of her leet daughter Elaine Roberts. The Robertses are always mentioned by name, and Mrs. Roberts has so far only been used six times, and Elaine has only been drawn like Blondie in the last four comics in the 1337 series. Miss Lenhart has only been named and drawn twice, but her name has been used three more times, and she has been drawn like Blondie nine times at the time Blondie was created as a character (after comic 1731 was released).

Apart from when she represents one of the above she is not the same character from comic to comic. She is mainly just another woman that Randall can use when he wishes to give a woman a specific characteristic so to set her aside from the more commonly used women Megan and Ponytail. Note that if Ponytail took her hair out she would look like Blondie.

She is rarely depicted with other women like Megan and Ponytail, but in her first appearances she talks with Megan in 59: Graduation. But when she take on her most reprized role as a news anchor she is typically alone on screen, but she may speak to others of camera as in 495: Secretary: Part 2, or indirectly to Ponytail and Megan in their living room as in 932: CIA. She seems to be the wife of a Cueball-like guy in 275: Thoughts.

A couple of time she is depicted as a mathematician, this may be a representation of Miss Lenhart, but as it is not in a teaching role she is still listed as Blondie. See the Math teacher section on Miss Lenhart's page.

Both Miss Lenhart (see 416: Zealous Autoconfig) and Mrs. Roberts (see 342: 1337: Part 2) are depicted as having at least two children. That Blondie is also often depicted as a mother seems to indicate that Randall sees this character as a mother figure. Blondie as a mother can be seen here:

200: Bill Nye, with two boys.
275: Thoughts, having a daughter.
946: Family Decals, left family wagon with three children, two boys and a girl.
1608: Hoverboard, next to the volcano where she is with her daughter. The boy is likely the daughter's friend, which is why she is so embarrassed, but it could of course be her brother as well.


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