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The forums weren’t really a great place to post news, so davean helped me set up a blag here. I’ve got a bunch of news/info on a bunch of topics, and will answer questions in the comments, so here we go...

The Blag is the official xkcd blog. Its name is an intentional typo of the word "blog", inspired by the comic 148: Mispronouncing. It was launched in October 2006, 6 weeks after the publication of that comic. Since 2012, most new posts are about Randall's books or book tours. There were no posts to the blog between November 24, 2015 and February 5, 2019, most likely due to the three-year gap between the promotional cycles of Thing Explainer and How To. The most recent post unrelated to Randall's books was ISEE-3, published on May 30, 2014.

On 2023-01-21 the link to the Blag was removed from the front page of xkcd. At that time the last post "What If 2" was almost a year old having been posted 2022-01-31. Seems like that is the end of the Blag. Although the above link is still active.