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There is a community portal discussion of what to call Cueball and what to do in case with more than one Cueball. I have added this comic to the Category:Multiple Cueballs. Since these two Cueballs both has interesting part in this comic it is not clear which one should be called Cueball. But since this comic is continued in 600 where there is only the Cueball with the Android Girlfriend (making him Cueball of that comic), it makes most sense to call him Cueball here and the other Cueball-like guy for friend. But I changed the explain to make it clear that they are both Cueball-like guys. --Kynde (talk) 21:25, 23 June 2015 (UTC)

Not relevant to the article but I fear the man who sees the arc-welding and still asks for robo-fellatio. 13:47, 11 May 2023 (UTC)