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Char Latte49
My only known appearance. Fun fact: I am very hard to get a clear picture of.
First Appearance Time.
Known appearances Black Hat and Danish's pages, as well as here.
Contribution score 95
Occupations Bun-counting secretary; stapler gun-wielder
Favorite Element Argon
Favorite Piece Infrasonata
Page Power Source Escalator Power

I don't know why you're here. I don't know how you got here. There is nothing to look at. Go do something else. Shoo.

I said shoo!

Well ok, since you're still here, go to Beret Girl.

Seriously, shoo!


Hello, you're still here? I admire your persistence. Ok then, welcome to my corner of the internet! Here's some stuff:

- I came here to eat scones and misuse staple guns, and Danish took my scones.

- My favorite xkcd characters are Beret Girl and Beret Guy, and I also have scones. This isn't a bakery though.

- I've read every single comic, although I don't understand all of them - even with the explain.

- I've also read every single Calvin and Hobbes strip.

- I stand in for Beret Guy when he's unavailable. Be warned that I'm slightly more sarcastic than he is.

- If you're looking for Black Hat, Danish, Cueball, or God, they're on the ceiling. (Update: Danish is sucessfully off the ceiling)

- I'm rather fond of staple guns.

- I work in the bun-counting sector of Beret Guy's business.

- Newspapers don't taste that good, but are edible in a pinch if you're Beret Guy.

- I'm studying for my subduction license.

- I can create soup cables, although only chicken noodle at the moment.

- No I don't have a webcam, you two.

- This will, I assure you, take up several hours of your time.

- My favorite comics: all of these, I Could Care Less, Depth Perception, The Glass Necklace, Angular Momentum, Undocumented Feature, War, The Staple Madness, Those Not Present, and Weird Hill. I like a lot more, but am too lazy to put them all on here.

Beret Guy's Business[edit]

Hello, and welcome to Beret Guy's Business! We offer many services, including antiques, a bikeshare program (temporary), gold-to-lead transmutation, lead-to-gold transmutation, cloud storage, and a Bun Alert system. Recently, we have also started offering curbside pickup for goods from the cursed shop on the corner, like scones, soup cables, business cards, lug nuts, gulls, fresh pears, cursed amulets, inch-thick wood cylinders for your typical Yggdrasil-type houseplant, cursed chairs, the video from The Ring, and groceries. Feel free to stop by anytime!