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First appearance 377: Journal 2
Known appearances 27

Danish is a stick figure character in xkcd. She frequently appears with Black Hat, and like him, is one of the few xkcd characters to represent the same character in each appearance.


Danish is characterized by her cynicism and devilish tricks. She is very similar in appearance to Megan, but has distinctly longer hair. Personality-wise, she is similar to Black Hat, with whom she seems to have a permanent romantic relationship that began in the Journal series (which also marked her first appearance). Thus, she mainly appears in comics together with Black Hat, which is the most certain giveaway that a long-haired woman is Danish rather than Megan.


Like most xkcd characters, her real name is unknown. The name "Danish" is picked from when Black Hat called her "my dearest darling danish", as a term of endearment, referring to a danish pastry in 515: No One Must Know. Obviously, this is not her real name, but as it is the only name given to her by any character, it is the name used here.


Danish first appeared in the Journal series as an adversary of Black Hat who could match his cunning and trickery. At the end of that series, it seems that she got under Black Hat's skin which resulting in them going on a date.

She thus later appears to be in a continued relationship with Black Hat, as seen in 440: Road Rage, 515: No One Must Know, 524: Party and 542: Cover-Up. She mainly appears together with him, although after her first seven appearances after Journal ended she began appearing without him, the first time being in 914: Ice. In cases where Black Hat is not present, it can be difficult to determine with certainty that it is her. However, obvious examples of her personality, as in Ice, are reason enough to confirm her identity.

A girl who resembles Danish appeared in 139: I Have Owned Two Electric Skateboards, long before she was introduced in the Journal series. In 177: Alice and Bob a similar-looking character with a propensity to destruction is called Eve – a reference to cryptographic schemes involving communication between Alice and Bob with Eve playing the role of an attacker.

In 1608: Hoverboard there is a long-haired woman on the bridge of the Rebel Blockade Runner, whose behavior towards both Star Wars as well as Star Trek fans could suggest that it was Danish. However, there is not enough evidence that this is Danish to list her as such.

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