188: Reload

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And watch out for that guy from comic #53.
Title text: And watch out for that guy from comic #53.


This comic refers to the common method for reloading your ammunition in arcade game type shooters, also known as "rail shooters." The player is typically given a Light gun, and the player characters typically have unlimited magazines of ammunition; to load a new magazine, the player would aim their light gun away from the screen and pull the trigger. Obviously this method of reloading would not work in real life.[citation needed]

The title text tells you to watch out for the guy from comic 53: Hobby, which shows a man who randomly pops up to the police when they are performing a drug raid. This refers to the random figures that pop out at many games; if they are not a valid target and you shoot them, you will lose points.


[Four soldiers are preparing to enter a battlefield; their leader addresses them.]
Leader: Okay men, we're going in. Stay low, keep behind cover, and if you run out of ammunition, shoot outside the battlefield to reload.

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