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Original title: Friday's Drawing
Like a beacon
Title text: Like a beacon


This was the twenty-second comic originally posted to LiveJournal. The previous one was 44: Love, and the next one was 22: Barrel - Part 3.

Beacons, often in the form of lighthouses, were built on coasts to give ships a point of reference where land was, so that they could find where they were going, and to know where they should avoid during a storm. In the comic, Megan fills this role for Cueball: she is his beacon to know where he can be safe. This also has a romantic notion, as Megan is lighting up the world for Cueball to find her.


[A crowd of figures stand around in the dark. A Megan is illuminated by a beam of light.]
In a dark and confusing world,
you burn brightly
I never feel lost


This used to be one of the footer comics featured in the bottom segment of xkcd.com.

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