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The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of fantasy novels Randall seems to like. It was originally published in London between 1950 and 1956, and depicts one or more alternate worlds within which more magical, mystical and spiritual themes hold sway, in what is can be understood as the author's own clearly written but unobtrusive religious allegory. Common fantasy tropes, such as fantastic beings and sentient animals, are encountered by magically-transported humans (or ones from neighbouring lands) who typically find themselves involved in prophesies and conflicts before returning home. Those from our world will then find that time over here has barely progressed in their absence, a 'feature' of the stories that has been referenced most often in the comics that involve this theme.

Some furries may relate to the talking animals found within the works, but Randall has not yet associated comics related to the concept of Narnia with any such fandom-related depictions, such as the use of fursonas. A reference may be made to Aslan, "a very real lion" who is this land's incarnation of the nurturing deity and described as "not safe, but good", or the Faun known as Mr. Tumnus. Because of the series's use of animal characters with human characteristics (that is, anthropomorphic animals), in some cases it may separately warrant falling into the same category of works as those created in the furry fandom, but this is not automatic as over half the comics that reference Narnian concepts (e.g. the wardrobe) completely avoid any such element.