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I'm getting a 404 error when I try to go to the comic by number. But it shows up on the main home page. Barmar (talk) 16:39, 23 May 2022 (UTC) works for me. Sollyucko (talk) 16:52, 23 May 2022 (UTC)

Any New Yorkers here to confirm if there's a harpoon store a few blocks from Union Square? If not, that needs to be listed here as a "goof"... I really do love that line suggesting "harpoon stores" are common enough but the nearest one doesn't have an outdoor display. Ids1024 (talk) 17:18, 23 May 2022 (UTC)

Remember that it needs to be a harpoon store that was operating in 2018. I think there was a Whalers Я Us near Union Square before it permanently closed during Covid. 20:27, 23 May 2022 (UTC)
This comment is facetious, right? 04:38, 24 May 2022 (UTC)

There may not be a store explicitly called a "harpoon store", but there is at least one diving equipment store that has harpoons. 17:27, 23 May 2022 (UTC)

Yeah, harpoons might be sold at a store that doesn't exclusively or even primarily only sell harpoons, though that wouldn't necessarily change there not being a source for them at the location of the movie scene, let alone the fact that a store that carried them probably wouldn't have them on an outdoor display rack.-- 23:36, 24 May 2022 (UTC)

I'm glad Randall Munroe also hates CinemaSins. Lordpipe (talk) 17:32, 23 May 2022 (UTC)

WHERE does he reference CinemaSins? As a fan of both I'd LOVE to see some indication Randall is even aware of CinemaSins, :) NiceGuy1 (talk) 04:11, 28 May 2022 (UTC)

Nobody tell Randall about [[1]] Kev (talk) 17:41, 23 May 2022 (UTC)

IMDB is also referenced in: 2441, 155 (ish), and 1460 (in the title text) 20:34, 23 May 2022 (UTC)Bumpf

Do any Muppets movies contain billboards for themselves? That feels like something a Muppets movie would do. GreatWyrmGold (talk) 20:48, 23 May 2022 (UTC)

I don't remember any in A Muppets Christmas Carol. But it's been a while since I saw it, so... 22:13, 23 May 2022 (UTC)

as soon as i saw the "goofs" section of the explanation itself i started wheezing harder than i had at any other explainxkcd page ever. whosoever idea that was, you are a genius -- 02:09, 24 May 2022 (UTC)

I just dropped by to say "Bravo!" to whoever worked on the GOOFS section. (I didn't check the page history.) Nitpicking (talk) 02:39, 24 May 2022 (UTC)
I did check the page history but couldn't figure out who started and added to "Goofs." I agree that the section is genius. 04:38, 24 May 2022 (UTC)
It looks like it was Kev how added the "goofs" section Kvarts314 (talk) 10:19, 24 May 2022 (UTC)
Yes he added the first entry, but others have added the rest. I'm uncertain I think it belongs here, but it is funny. Maybe move it down under the transcript?--Kynde (talk) 11:50, 24 May 2022 (UTC)
IMO, it has the same 'status' as a Trivia section (it is one of those in almost every regard, after all), which is traditionally placed post-Teanscript. But I'm not a prescriptionist, at least not in this case, just saying I think it'd be consistent. If you even need my anonymous support for such a trivial within-page move. 11:57, 24 May 2022 (UTC)
In my opinion it does not "nothing to explain the comic" - quite the contrary: It's the best way to explain what the comic is about. See and Elektrizikekswerk (talk) 13:17, 24 May 2022 (UTC)
You people are the reason I always press "Go to this comic explanation" first thing I visit. Love you all! 18:04, 24 May 2022 (UTC)

Random movie goof validates Randall, as expected:
I picked "The Game", one of my favourites, but also because it's set in SF and has many outdoor scenes.
Sure enough, there were several trivial goofs, but not location-wise.
Check this one out: 'In the end credits, rigging grip Michael Santoro's name is spelled "Micheal".'
Followed by this: 'In the end credits, there's an extra space between actor André Brazeau's first and last names.' Beechmere (talk) 04:22, 24 May 2022 (UTC)Beechmere

This is why there are now different types, so you can jump over the borring to those with plot points, or errors by characthers... --Kynde (talk) 11:52, 24 May 2022 (UTC)

"Spaceballs" is a notable exception to "Most movies do not exist within the fictional world they portray." When will then be now? Soon! 14:27, 25 May 2022 (UTC)

As is the Muppet Movie - Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem are able to find and rescue our stranded heroes by reading the screenplay 15:43, 14 July 2022 (UTC)

As an IMDb contributor - mainly Trivia and Goofs - I feel targeted here, LOL! Thankfully I don't submit such nitpicky things, and obviously future and alternate versions of real life places are allowed these (maybe the street was renamed and another harpoon store opened up in the meantime). NiceGuy1 (talk) 03:59, 28 May 2022 (UTC)

Recently, a lot of spam posts were found in the Template:sandbox page, including some "goofs". 00:53, 10 April 2023 (UTC)

Also, comics almost never come alive and edit other comics, but this indeed happened. 02:04, 10 April 2023 (UTC)
Now there are five comics "alive". 03:02, 24 April 2023 (UTC)