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  • These are the comics that were posted on xkcd on Thursday.
    • Click to expand for a more detailed explanation:


  • Note that xkcd usually only posts a new comic Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    • However, for various reasons, comics have been posted on all days of the week.
    • In the early days of the comic it happened frequently, but it has become very rare since LiveJournal closed.
      • The first two on the list came during the period where comics were released both on LiveJournal and on the then new xkcd site.
    • Tuesday and Thursday are also typically used in comic series which sometimes extend for five days in one week.
      • Thursday's comic will then be part 4, as can be seen several times.
      • Not all comics in series have part names, as can be seen for Parody Week and Guest Week.
    • The aforementioned exceptions explain all Thursday comics before no. 961.
    • Another case is if a comic becomes a tribute to a person who has just died. Then a comic has been seen to come out the day after, disregarding the normal release days.
    • Another tribute-like reason for a release day was the reason that 1642: Gravitational Waves was released a day early, on a Thursday instead of the scheduled Friday release.
      • This was done in celebration of the announcement on 2016-02-11 that Gravitational Waves had been detected.
      • Randall obviously expected this announcement and was ready with a comic on that day even though it was a Thursday.
    • A special case was made for 1733: Solar Spectrum which was released a day late, on a Thursday instead of the scheduled Wednesday release.
      • This was caused by the extreme popularity of that weeks Monday comic 1732: Earth Temperature Timeline, especially among people not usually visiting xkcd.
      • As this was likely better than what Randall could have hoped for, he left it on the front page one day longer to keep links posted to xkcd's main page, simply because of this comic, active for one day longer.
      • He even posted a note about this above the comics in the header. See this trivia item about this.
    • One other notable exception that can lead to offset release dates is April Fools' day.
      • This first happened for a Thursday on April 1st 2021 with 2445: Checkbox.
    • And then there is this one case 2300: Everyone's an Epidemiologist, where there seems to be no reason why it was posted on a Thursday, but it is noted like that in the archive, for a week with three normal comics with a Monday, Thursday, Friday release schedule, see that comics trivia section.
  • Finally there could be incidences where a comic possibly has been miscategorized.
    • The date given should be when posted on xkcd, not here.
    • Please check up on this and explain here and at the comic why it has been released on a Thursday.
    • The dates can be found in the xkcd archive
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