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  • These 43 comics were all released on Sunday January 1st, 2006 on the first day of xkcd.
    • Two of these were not previously released on LiveJournal.
      • 5: Blown apart
      • 12: Poisson.
      • They were probably released for the first time to the public on this day. But as this is not clear they have been given dates based on web archives.
    • Finally comic 36 was originally by mistake a double post. So comic 36 showed the same comic as comic 10: 10: Pi Equals.
      • This was first corrected much later to 36: Scientists. See more about this in the trivia section for that comic.
      • For this reason comic 36 is not listed here below!
      • It also explains why these 43 comics have numbers from 1-44.