Knit Cap

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Knit Cap

An image of Knit Cap from 1112: Think Logically
First appearance 1037: Umwelt
Known appearances 7

Knit Cap is a stick figure character in xkcd distinguished by a knit cap.


In 1112: Think Logically, for example, Knit Cap is depicted as typical 'nerd'

Knit Cap is one of the two main characters in the interactive comic 1350: Lorenz, in which the general consensus was the Knit Cap was a woman. In most other comics Knit Cap is seen as a man. This was also the first comic where there was a big part for this character and in that comic she was called Knit Cap Girl. Here below is what was once noted on Lorenz explanation about this character and the type of hat

Knit Cap Girl[edit]

Knit Cap Girl was a completely new character in 1350: Lorenz wearing a knit cap. It was at first debated if this was a girl or a boy, but since Knit Cap Girl seems to be together with Hairy that was reason enough to call her a girl. She has some similarities to Megan with a Knit Cap but since Megan never before has been shown with a knit cap or been together as a pair with Hairy it would be strange if this should represent Megan. (Hairy has some bad reputation in trying to fool girls to fall for him. Perhaps he has finally found out how to be with a woman; although they seem to fight in this comic some times.)

Other comics with knit caps[edit]

  • Before Lorenz :
  • After Lorenz:
    • One of the user pictures for the April fools' comic the year after, 1506: xkcloud, also looked like Knit Cap Girl.
    • Another user picture with a person wearing a knit cap can be seen in 1689: My Friend Catherine
    • At the top of the huge chart in 1732: Earth Temperature Timeline a guy with a white knit cap similar to the one in 1321: Cold is freezing.
    • What appears to be a guy in a knit cap is out watching birds with Cueball in 1826: Birdwatching.
    • The "You" option in 2198: Throw, which can be both thrower and thrown has a knit cap. It can also be customized and in the new window coming up, the knit cap You is also shown. At first glance it may look like a man, but given the look of Knit Cap Girl, it could also represent a woman, which may be the idea, since it should represent the reader.
    • The character at the top of the mountain in 2199: Cryptic Wifi Networks has a knit cap. That was two comics in a row.

Other names for knit caps[edit]

  • Beanie.
    • The knit caps that appeared in 1190: Time are traditionally referred to as "beanies"; by extension, the people wearing them are known as "Beanies" (and their language as "Beanish").
  • Toque.
  • Tuque.
  • Skullcap or skully.
  • ”Knit cap” is the name that fits best with the three different official transcripts mentioned above.

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