Mrs. Roberts

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Mrs. Roberts

Mrs Roberts simultaneously cooking and typing from 341: 1337: Part 1
First appearance 327: Exploits of a Mom
Known appearances 6

Mrs. Roberts is an elite hacker, second only to her daughter Help I'm trapped in a driver's license factory Elaine Roberts, known simply as Elaine. She is capable of by hand (or oven-mitt) live editing TCP streams of neighbors using her Wi-Fi network and closing their secure tunnel connections, while also baking delicious cookies.[1]

Mrs. Roberts also has a son, named Robert'); DROP TABLE students;-- and nicknamed Little Bobby Tables.

She has white hair of shoulder length, and is thus a named version of Blondie, like Rob is a named version of Cueball. Like Blondie, and Miss Lenhart, the other named Blondie-like figure (apart from Elaine), she is depicted as a mom. She is also clever with computers and thus probably also with mathematics. Both Blondie and Miss Lenhart are depicted in relation to mathematics several times. See Math teacher on Miss Lenhart's page.

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