Knit Cap

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Knit Cap

First appearance 1037: Umwelt
Appearances 15
For a list of comics, see Comics featuring Knit Cap.

Knit Cap is a stick figure character in xkcd. She is distinguished by her knit cap and the short hair that comes out of it.

Knit Cap was first seen in 1350: Lorenz, where the general consensus was that Knit Cap was a girl since she was together with Hairy. In 1506: xkcloud, Knit Cap is used in the first user picture and in 2198: Throw, she is the default "You" option.

Sometimes, characters such as Cueball and Megan are seen wearing knit caps. However, it's easy to distinguish them as separate characters because their hair (if they have it) remains inside the cap and can't be seen ( ==> visible in !). For example, in the aurora story line in 1037: Umwelt, in 1321: Cold, and at the top of 1732: Earth Temperature Timeline there are Cueballs wearing knit caps because they are in a cold environment that requires warm clothes. In 1141: Two Years (and the next comics in the series), Megan is wearing a knit cap after she lost her hair due to chemotherapy.