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Comics that feature a sport.

Randall has made several comics featuring the most prominent American sports. But also often uses less known sports. Here is a list of either sports with their own categories, or comics referring to these, in xkcd, less frequently used sports.

  • If the sport in question already has its own category please do not add the sports category as well.
  • On the other hand, if the comic features more than one type of sport, where some have and some don't have its own category, then please add the sport category along with the other predefined categories. (Like Metaball, which has three of the big sports, but also mentions a couple of minor sports in the title text).
  • In Thing Explainer the explanation about Playing fields shows the pitch/field for seven different sports including the four that have their own category, American football, soccer, baseball and basketball. The other three sport included are tennis, ice hockey and volleyball.
    • Other sports are featured in the book as well, for instance:
      • Bowling in The USS Laws of the Land in the ship of that name.
      • Table tennis and billiard on the oil rig in Hole-making city boat.