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  • Beret Guy is a very strange person. Sometimes he takes these strange tendencies into the supernatural.
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In the early comics he was mostly just a strange and naive guy. There is an early start to the strangeness, but that power could also be attributed to Cueball (at least it is a shared power) in 248.

After comic 1099, Beret Guy begins to appear frequently with these strange powers, typically not related to each other, except that he has some issues with electrical sockets and power cords as seen in 1293 and 1395. (See also 509: Induced Current and the title text of 614: Woodpecker, regarding power cords, but not these strange powers.)

Many of these apparent powers manifest as objects behaving strangely around him. It is unclear whether these are in fact powers inherent to Beret Guy or whether the objects are simply cursed; as indicated in 1772, most of his possessions were acquired from shops specializing in cursed items.

Here is a list of the comics where Beret Guy displays strange powers that are beyond the realm of possibility.

List of abilities

  1. 248: Manages to create a hypothetical situation (trapping him and his friend).
  2. 1088: Capable of waiting in the same place for five years, presumably without sustenance
  3. 1099: He has infinite wings.
  4. 1135: Makes spiders weave him a shirt.
  5. 1158: Creates rope to pull & release ball via his imagination.
  6. 1293: Pours soup from power socket.
  7. 1388: Subducts through the floor to form mountains in his room.
  8. 1395: Inflates a laptop through a power cord so that it floats like a helium balloon.
  9. 1422: Makes a phone with an old battery behave like a dying star.
  10. 1486: Uses the vacuum energy to fly and "gain unlimited power" with a vacuum cleaner.
  11. 1490: Sees the individual atoms, and can distinguish the different elements. But he cannot see what they are actually a part of, like a human or a dog.
  12. 1522: Can examine life on exoplanets around distant stars through a magnifying glass just by standing on a ladder.
  13. 1614: A little less clear what his powers are in this. But first he is walking a flying/floating dog, and then he returns flying on (or as) a kite, while the dog holds on to the line of the kite.
  14. 1617: Living by eating newspaper and without breathing oxygen for several years in a sealed and buried box.
  15. 1922: Riding in the air above two small dogs combined into a larger dog through interferometry
  16. 2310: Being able to sleep on the vertical side of walls due to a much higher than normal attraction to the Great Attractor, because of higher dimensional bones.
  17. 2325: Beret Guy attracts water so it flows to him rather than running out towards the nearby oceans. He thus claims he is like an endorheic basin, which is a limited drainage basin that normally retains water and allows no outflow to other external bodies of water.
  18. 2376: Claims to have the ability to do battle with ghosts, although this is not shown because Beret Guy did not have a cursed amulet that makes ghosts angry.
  19. 2446: He creates a huge spike protein outside his body after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
  20. 2534: He managed to create a retractable "rocket" that can extend and deliver payload to the ISS and then return to its starting position without the base ever leaving the ground.
  21. 2695: He created volcano seeds which, when planted, create a tiny volcano.
  22. 2710: He created a hydroelectric dam that has achieved Q>1, meaning it has produced more water than has been put into it.
  23. 2805: He flew off into the atmosphere holding a balloon and a basketball and survived for 1500 years, and then proceeded to get the perfect trick shot.